There are many people eager to adopt a dog who are unable to travel to Mexico. So we are always in need of volunteers to pack a puppy to destinations in Canada and the USA. It is a rewarding experience and we invite you to help if you are flying home from Cabo.


Fill out the application to tell us about yourself and your travel itinerary. You can do this far in advance of your trip or at the last minute if you’re already in Cabo and can handle a spontaneous travel companion.


We look through our adoption applications for a match in or near your destination city. An Acre Dogs representative will contact you by email when there is a fit. You’ll then be added to a WhatsApp Group with a name such as ‘Acre Dog 1001’ where the Acre Dogs team and the adopter will communicate with you throughout the process.


We need a little help from you to add a pet to your flight reservation. Most puppies under 25 lbs will ride in the cabin while larger dogs must travel as a checked pet. There are limits to the number of pets per flight and a fee that varies by airline and destination. The adopter will cover your pet fee but you will be responsible for your own airfare.


On the day of your flight we will meet you at Acre Resort with the puppy, carrier, paperwork and everything you need to travel. You’ll receive detailed instructions for every step of the way. After you check in and get settled on the plane, the puppy will likely sleep most of the way.


The dog’s forever family will be waiting for you on arrival at the destination airport. Feel free to capture the moment and tag @acredogs on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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