Everything we do at Acre Dogs is made possible by your support. 100% of donations and adoption fees go directly to Acre Animal Rescue, our partner registered Non Profit Organization in Mexico. We also contribute a significant portion of profits when you shop on our site.

Funds are used to cover food, supplies and extensive veterinary care costs for dogs before they can be adopted. Because we focus on puppies who are often sick, injured, orphaned or malnourished, medical treatment is extremely expensive and makes up the majority of our expenses. We are also raising funds for our ongoing Spay & Neuter Clinics.

Blankets, beds, leashes and toys are thoughtful gifts, however we usually have those items covered. Sometimes the items we receive are not suitable for our needs. We cannot stress enough that cash is preferable to donations of goods so we can deploy your generosity where it is most needed.

Acre Dogs vet visit
Acre Dogs vet visit