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Fill out the application to tell us about yourself, the type of dog you prefer and any particular Acre Dogs you may be interested in adopting.


An Acre Dogs representative will contact you by email if there is an immediate fit. Please understand there are many variables in matching puppies with people, including preferences, location and travel arrangements. Transportation is a challenge so we prioritize people who are able to promptly pick up their dog in person at Acre Resort.


Once your adoption is confirmed, we’ll ask you to pay an adoption fee in the form of a donation to the Acre Animal Rescue non profit organization. Internationals will pay $300 USD and local residents in Mexico will pay a reduced fee of $200 USD. You will also need a collar, leash and an airline approved soft or hard carrier depending on the size of your dog. If you don’t have these items, you can purchase them when you pay your adoption fee.


Once your adoption fee is paid, you’ll be added to a WhatsApp Group with a name such as ‘Acre Dog 1001’ or ‘AD Your Name’. This is how the Acre Dogs team will communicate with you throughout the pickup or escort delivery process.


You and your dog start your new life together. Keep us in the loop by tagging @acredogs on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Available Dogs.

We only refer to the available dogs by number for reference and communication during the adoption process. This is a conscious choice not to name your future pup. While they are in our hands they are far more than a number and often have temporary nicknames. We recognize that naming your new family member is a critical and exciting part of the bonding experience. Once you’ve done so, your dog will forever be called by name in the Acre Dogs world. We can’t wait to hear it!

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