While the Acre Dogs puppies draw visitors from all over the world, there is a cast of characters who live at Acre Resort including horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, peacocks, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and our resident camel, Camelia. Like the dogs, many have been rescued from situations of neglect or abuse.

Acre Resort Peacock

Visitors to Acre are welcome to interact with many of the animals on site. Burrito, pictured below, is Rachael’s baby, an orphaned donkey she raised since infancy. His braying can be heard across the property at the sound of her voice.

Free roaming peacocks are a signature of the idyllic farm setting. The horses, donkeys and goats love a fence post face to face and of course the puppies are always keen for some playtime. We also invite you to take a dog or two for a walk around the resort. This is a great way to meet your match if you’re considering adopting.

Acre Animal Rescue is a registered non-profit Asociacion Civil in Mexico working in partnership with Acre Dogs. It is fully funded by donations, adoption fees and support from Acre Resort. We rely on this funding for everything we do to care for dogs before they are adopted.

100% of donations and a significant portion of profits go directly to Acre Animal Rescue.

Acre Animal Rescue
Acre Resort Map