Acre Dogs is a purpose driven brand committed to supporting our partner non-profit organization, Acre Animal Rescue. Since 2017, we’ve been assisting dogs in peril from the streets of Los Cabos, Mexico. Rescued from impossible situations, they are matched with forever families and given a chance at a happy wholesome life. To date we have placed more than 1000 puppies across North America and beyond.

100% of your donations and 10% of all sales go directly to Acre Animal Rescue. In addition to rescue and adoption we host free spay and neuter clinics for Baja dogs and provide community education on the importance of controlling the animal population. 

Rachael Watt

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Rachael has always made animals a priority in her life. Acre Dogs emerged organically with the rescue of an abandoned dog on the side of the road near the resort. With a family tie to the property, she seized the opportunity to create a safe landing spot for more dogs in need. As the director of Acre Dogs, Rachael works with Claudia and team to facilitate rescue and adoptions.


Claudia was born and raised in Mexico City. Venturing off to the Baja in search of a softer life, she started working at Acre Resort. Her love of animals was evident and her job swiftly evolved to full time animal care. She is now the manager of operations at Acre Dogs, overseeing the process of rescue, rehabilitation and adoption. Claudia has a lovely family with her partner Luis and their 3 children.

Acre Dogs Team


Surrounded by Dombeya trees, nestled on the lush and tranquil property of Acre Resort, is the first home for the puppies known as Acre Dogs. Here they are nurtured by the resort’s extended family and guests who come to meet them. Held in high esteem their puppy tails wag until it’s time to say adiós.